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KetaMD is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that provides safe and effective at-home medical ketamine treatments. Prescribed by licensed clinicians with treatments guided by nurses, KetaMD is a fully virtual alternative for the millions of adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions.

KetaMD’s mission is to make this groundbreaking treatment safely accessible to those who need it. For adults who cannot make it to a traditional ketamine clinic, who are looking for a more convenient treatment option, or who struggle to receive care in that type of setting, KetaMD can be an effective and a more affordable option.

KetaMD medical staff is comprised of some of the world’s most prominent experts in the field of mental health and psychedelics, including Dr. Roger McIntyre, Dr. Joshua Rosenblatt and Dr. Daniel Kang. The program and clinical protocols have been developed with the highest standard of care to ensure patient safety and the best outcomes.

The program steps include:

  • Download the KetaMD app, register and complete your medical questionnaire
  • Meet virtually with a licensed medical provider who will determine your eligibility and the most appropriate treatment plan
  • Receive your prescribed medication and your KetaMD Welcome Kit
  • Complete your nurse-guided treatment sessions through the secure and easy-to-use KetaMD mobile app

The KetaMD mobile app provides resources and information to guide you throughout the program and a dedicated Care Concierge who will monitor your progress and act as your point of contact throughout the process.

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