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Ayahuasca Articles


Ayahuasca is a sacred psychedelic, and requires intense detail before an experience. This guide helps explain the process.

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What is Ayahuasca Integration and Why is it Crucial?

The process of integrating your Ayahuasca experience can be complex - what do you need to know?

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3 Pros And 3 Cons Of Ayahuasca Retreats

Discover our key pros and cons of attending an ayahuasca retreat before you take the plunge.

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Clinical Research: Could Psychedelic Therapy Help Treat Eating Disorders?

Early studies reveal how psychedelic therapy shows promise vs. eating disorders.

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Ayahuasca Dangers: The Do’s And Don’ts When Preparing For Your First Journey

As a powerful psychedelic brew, it's important to understand potential ayahuasca dangers.

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Where Is Ayahuasca Legal, And Is It Right For You?

Before jumping into a transformative retreat, it's important to know where ayahuasca is legal.

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