Ketamine For PTSD

Ketamine Therapy For PTSD: A Solution For Veterans?

Ketamine therapy is becoming more popular amongst veterans.

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Study: How Ketamine Changes Chronic PTSD Patient’s Brain Neurochemistry

A new study helps explain how the brain changes when using ketamine for PTSD.

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Heaven and Hell: Psychedelics and the ‘Gift of Trauma’

Psychedelics are treatments for trauma. A psychologist who has witnessed trauma and redemption has an idea about why some sufferers

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Ketamine Lozenges: Here’s How They Work

Medicine believes ketamine could be a breakthrough for depression. Lozenges are now available for at-home use. Here's how they work.

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Ketamine vs. MDMA for PTSD: Which One Works Best?

While traditional therapies offer relief to many, there remains a significant group for whom these methods fall short. This is

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A Veteran’s Guide to Qualifying for Ketamine Treatment at the VA

Receiving mental health care at the VA can be confusing. We tried to simplify it for those veterans looking for

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