Do You Even Need Psychedelics to Trip?

Due to a long history of social stigma and legal quandries, many people still believe that having a psychedelic trip is always a bad thing.

But a bad trip may be beneficial, as studies have shown, and that notion is quickly being quashed.

Psychedelic drugs still carry a residual bad reputation due to their association with ‘60s counterculture and the “turn on, tune in, and drop out” mentality advanced by evangelizers like Timothy Leary.

A great deal of alarmism and misinformation persists even as serious academic study has demonstrated their safety and usefulness. Still, the future of psychedelics does look bright.

A Psychedelic Trip From Meditation And Breathwork

Practitioners of transcendental meditation have long claimed that use of breathing techniques and visualization may result in a psychedelic trip.

Notably, the default mode network may be disrupted or deactivated by the focused breathing that characterizes most meditation.

Does This Type Of Breathing Work?

The technique was developed in the 1970s by psychedelics researchers Stanislav and Christina Grof as an alternative to LSD.

By repeating a pattern of deep inhales and sharp, rapid exhales, the technique increases the oxygen content of the blood.

This then will decrease the content of carbon dioxide therein, and this rapid increase of oxygen is how the feeling of a psychedelic trip may occur.

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