Here's How An  Ayahuasca Retreat Will Change You

An ayahuasca retreat can be an extremely powerful experience. Participating in ayahuasca sessions can lead to meaningful and transformative changes in your life.

An Ayahuasca Retreat Can Influence Major Life Decisions

In an ayahuasca session, you have the opportunity to think about your life from a number of different perspectives.

A survey carried out by the Global Ayahuasca Project, led by University of Melbourne research Dr. Daniel Perkins.

Highlights the major life decisions that people have been shown to make following an ayahuasca retreat. These changes can include:

- Ending unhealthy relationships - Entering healthier relationships

Ayahuasca Retreats And Mental Health

Many people who join an ayahuasca retreat or experiment with psychedelics treatment often do so to treat mental health-related issues. 

There is now some interesting research backing up claims of quick and effective recovery from hard-to-treat mental health conditions.

Ayahuasca And Depression

Major depression is the most common type of mood disorder. It affects an estimated 17.3 million American adults (or 7.1 percent of all U.S. adults).

Many treatments — medical, psychotherapeutic, and lifestyle-based — can treat depression. Ayahuasca, however, is a more novel treatment that deserves attention.

Ayahuasca can lead to significant and sustained reductions in depressive symptoms, including six months after use.

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