Why All Ayahuasca Retreats Are NOT the Same

Think all ayahuasca retreats are the same? If so, you’re mistaken. These retreats can differ in all sorts of ways.

This story will focus on all the ways that ayahuasca retreats can differ, which will help you see how the ayahuasca tourism industry has developed.

The Cost Of Ayahuasca Retreats

They can range from $50 for one ayahuasca ceremony to $3,000 or more for a multi-day retreat.

Ayahuasca Retreats Have Different Levels Of Comfort

It is true that some ayahuasca retreats involve sleeping in a hut, with a basic bed and mosquito net, plain and uninspiring food.

The ayahuasca tourism industry is so developed nowadays that ayahuasca retreats can cater to people who want a maximum level of comfort, like that offered by resorts and hotels.

You can now find luxury ayahuasca retreats, which may feature the following.

- Large, modern, well-furnished rooms with air conditioning - Delicious and varied meals - A swimming pool

Not All Retreats Ask You To Commit To The Dieta

The dieta refers to the particular diet that ayahuasca-using cultures believe you should follow if you want to consume the hallucinogenic brew.

There are ayahuasca dangers to be aware of. One specific one is avoiding foods or drinks containing tyramine, an amino acid found in aged cheeses, yeast, and fermented foods.

Retreats Are Available Outside Of Only The Amazon And South America

Contrary to popular belief, not all ayahuasca retreats are only in the Amazon or Peru.

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