Have You Ever Tried Candy Flipping?

Candy flipping is the combined use of MDMA and LSD. It is a popular drug combination, as it allows many users to gain the benefits of both compounds.

However, even though MDMA is associated with feelings of love and euphoria, this doesn’t guarantee that candy flipping will result in an easy-going experience.

Keep in mind that psychedelic effects will still occur, which can entail drastic changes in perception, thinking, and emotions.

What Is Candy Flipping?

Candy flipping is when you take both MDMA (either in powder/crystal form or as a pill) and LSD (in the form of liquid or blotter paper).

The Appeal Of Candy Flipping

“Flipping” is a term that refers to using MDMA in combination with other substances, typically psychedelics.

The Effects Of Candy Flipping

With LSD, the effects are even more unpredictable. This is due to it being a psychedelic compound, of course.

The effects of candy flipping depend on several factors.

– The order in which you take the MDMA and LSD – How long you wait in between dosing – The dose you take of MDMA and LSD

From the MDMA, you will typically feel some empathogenic effects, while the LSD will induce many classic psychedelic effects.

Expect A Range Of Emotions While Candy Flipping

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