Is the Springville Cedar Clinic Right for You?

At Cedar by Novamind, people suffering from mood disorders can find relief from their symptoms through ketamine therapy.

Springville’s Cedar by Novamind employs a large team of experts in a wide range of disciplines. This allows for personalized diagnoses and recovery programs for each individual client.

The team includes three Doctors of Nursing Practice, assisted by MDs and Physicians Assistants.

Treatment is offered by the Cedar by Novamind Springville clinic for numerous problems, including ADHD, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety.

Offered Treatments

Springville’s experts are ready to help clients begin a holistic journey to healing of mind, body, and soul.

- Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Treated Conditions

- Addiction - ADHD - Adolescent Mental Health - Anxiety - Attachment Trauma

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