Is Buffalo's DENT Neurologic Institute  Right for You?

The DENT Neurologic Institute Buffalo offers ketamine therapy services to people suffering from the debilitating symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, migraines, and chronic pain.

The wellness center was formed in 1962 after Harry M. Dent became diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

His experience with the illness led to the Dent Family Foundation being established by his son, Harry M. Dent Jr.

Along with renowned neurologist Dr. William R. Kinkel, the two worked towards treating Parkinson’s disease — eventually leading to the Dent Neurologic Institute Buffalo being born.

Offered Treatments

Today, the neurological institute is “one of the most comprehensive neurological centers in the United States.”

- IV ketamine infusion therapy - Spravato™ (Esketamine)

Treated Conditions

- Depression - Chronic Pain - Migraines

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