Do Employers Drug Test for Ketamine?

Standard drug tests don’t generally include ketamine so, in all likelihood, it won’t make a difference if you’ve taken ketamine. In some cases, however, ketamine is screened for.

Ketamine Is Not Included On Standard Drug Tests

The most common type of drug test is a urine screen and some workplaces will ask employees to agree to such testing.

Nonetheless, most employers do not use drug tests that look for ketamine.

Types Of Panel Drug Tests

In the U.S., workplaces that carry out drug testing utilize one kind of panel drug test. There are various types of panel drug tests that look for the presence of different drugs in urine.

These drug tests vary, ranging from 4-panel to 10-panel, with the number corresponding to the number of drugs tested.

The most common type is the 5-panel drug test. This is the one that most government agencies and private employers use.

5-Panel Drug Test

– Amphetamines – Cocaine metabolites – Cannabis metabolites – Opiates – Phencyclidine (PCP)

The 5-panel drug test detects the following substances.

In some cases, an employer might use the 10-panel drug test. These tests screen for five of the most frequently misused prescription drugs and five illicit, non-prescription drugs.

10-Panel Drug Test

Along with the five types of drugs, this more advanced drug test screens for the following.

– Barbiturates – Benzodiazepines – Methadone – Methaqualone – Propoxyphene

Why Ketamine Is Not Included In Standard Drug Tests

Most workplace drug tests don’t screen for ketamine because it is expensive to include it.

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