Is Field Trip Health in Chicago Right for You?

Set in a “calming oasis” of light and plant life, the Field Trip Health Chicago location offers low-dose Esketamine ketamine therapy combined with traditional psychiatric treatments.

In facilitating healing, Field Trip Health Chicago also provides a welcoming environment in which to explore and repair disruptive mental health challenges

The experts at Field Trip Health Chicago bring with them decades of experience in a wide variety of health- and wellness-related fields.

For instance, Social Worker Myrna Cavazos has “studied indigenous knowledge systems incorporating…entheogens [psychedelic medicines],” and brings ancient wisdom to the holistic healing practices of the 21st Century.

A number of the Field Trip Health professionals at the Chicago clinic, such as Angelina Bravo, also come to the field after successful encounters with psychedelic medicines themselves.

Offered Treatments

Consequently, therapists can offer a unique perspective on this cutting-edge psychiatric practice.

– Psychiatric Consult – Therapist Meeting – Preparation

Treated Conditions

– Depression – Crisis Intervention – Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Trauma – PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

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