Here's Why Having a "Bad Trip" Is Actually A Good Thing

A ‘bad trip’ is something most users of psychedelics fear most. Whether new to alternative drugs or not, the simple fear of having a negative experience can turn people off.

You might not want the experience to be too intense, out-of-control, or negative. You may want to gain new perspectives, without feeling like you’re losing your mind, which is understandable.

Although the idea of a bad trip may seem fearful, many psychedelic users find these trips to be valuable. In fact, at times, they’re even more valuable than positive experiences.

What Is A Bad Trip?

Many associate a bad trip with the worst-case scenarios, such as having a psychotic reaction, or feeling trapped in a nightmare kind of reality.

One often imagines a bad trip ending with a hospital visit or a run-in with police. Or, worse, feeling so overwhelmed and out-of-control that the open window nearby looks good to jump through.

A 2017 survey from Johns Hopkins asked nearly 2,000 respondents about bad psychedelic trips. For 39 percent of respondents, a bad trip was one of the five most challenging situations in their life.

More commonly, a bad trip will involve the following.

- Feelings of confusion, paranoia, fear, anxiety, panic, or dread - Thought loops - Delusional thinking

How Often Do Bad Trips Occur?

In terms of how often bad trips occur, Huber says, based on her findings, they are rare.

In a controlled, clinical setting, it seems that bad trips are unlikely. They are more likely to occur when used outside of such a setting.

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