What Does Ketamine Therapy Actually Cost?

How much is ketamine therapy, and what are ways to pay?

Ketamine is a well-known psychedelic whose anesthetic properties made it popular in the medical field.

Today, there are many uses for ketamine to help treat mental health disorders — such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders.

Ketamine Therapy With Spravato is an FDA-approved therapy for those diagnosed with chronic depression which doesn’t seem to respond to any other type of treatment.

Spravato nasal spray is the first FDA-approved psychedelic drug. This means a person can get a prescription with official proof of treatment-resistant depression.

How Much Is Ketamine Therapy?

To get one, expect to spend between $400 and $800 per infusion, with some providers charging even more.

In addition, prior to starting treatment, a person must undergo an initial assessment and consultation — roughly costing about $350.

This brings the price of only one infusion to around $1,000, and usually you need 4-6 infusions.

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