Want to Microdose Shrooms? Here's How

Taking tiny doses of mushrooms has become a popular trend, one which many people find helps them to tackle mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But how do you microdose shrooms?

Knowing how to microdose shrooms effectively involves several steps.

In this guide on microdosing shrooms, we will explain everything you need to know from the mushrooms and equipment to use to how you can keep track of your progress.

How To Microdose Shrooms: Choosing Your Mushrooms

Before microdosing shrooms, you first need to decide what kind of mushroom you’re going to use. This choice could depend on various factors.

If you want to know how to microdose shrooms without any interference from the law, then you will need to do so in states or countries where psilocybin is legal or decriminalized.

Mushrooms Differ In Potency

One of the main factors that should influence your choice of mushroom for microdosing is potency.

Knowing how to microdose shrooms effectively means knowing the potency of the mushroom you’re using and then adjusting your dosage. This might involve some trial and error.

Regarding potency, the essential point is that you need a lower dosage of a highly potent mushroom to achieve the desired effects. Using a moderately potent magic mushroom may be easier.

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