Where are the Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers?

Clear Sky Recovery – Cancún, Mexico

Located in Cancún, Mexico, Clear Sky Recovery is one of the leading Ibogaine treatment centers in the world.

Iboga Quest in Tepoztlán, Mexico is meant to serve a community of people who share a desire to better themselves.

Iboga Quest – Tepoztlán, Mexico

Phoenix Ibogaine Treatment –  Tijuana, Mexico

Phoenix Ibogaine Treatment is located in Tijuana, Mexico, and provides advanced and effective addiction treatment through the use of ibogaine.

New Roots Ibogaine is located in Tijuana, Mexico, and helps patients manage substance abuse withdrawals prior to addiction hitting the hardest.

New Roots Ibogaine – Tijuana, Mexico

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center – Tijuana, Mexico

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, the Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers first-class care to its patients.

Genesis Ibogaine Center –  Rosarito Beach, Mexico

With its state-of-the-art facility, the clinic offers licensed staff to help patients with addiction and mental health issues.

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