Here's Why Ego Death is Beautiful, Terrifying and...Life Changing 

Ego death is one of the key aspects of a psychedelic mystical experience.

Many psychonauts chase this state of consciousness, believing it to offer transformative, life-changing, and therapeutic results.

Amongst those who have experienced ego death, it is common to find such people describe the experience as one of the most profound and meaningful moments in their life while also offering long-term benefits.

What Is The Ego?

Our ego is our sense of who we are or what we are like as a person.

The Three Components Of The Ego

We can think of the ego as three components. - Self-Image - Self-Esteem - Self-Identity

Ego death (or ego dissolution) refers to the sense of losing your subjective personal identity.

What Is Ego Death?

Some people prefer to use the term ego dissolution as the word “death” carries negative connotations, such as darkness and sadness.

Ego death is a temporary experience. Whether you experience it through psychedelics or some other means, the experience does not last very long.

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