Can You Get Addicted to LSD?

Deciding to use LSD for the treatment of mental health issues requires some understanding of the benefits and risks of the substance.

Many people struggling with some sort of mental health condition may consider taking a psychedelic like LSD as an alternative treatment.

It is common to find articles on LSD addiction from addiction-related and rehab sites. But is LSD addictive? Can you really become addicted to the psychedelic experience?

What Is Addiction?

Addiction can be thought of in multiple ways; it is often both a health issue and a coping mechanism, for example.

Drug addiction and drug dependence are not the same, despite the fact that people use the terms interchangeably.

Physical Dependence

When you are physically dependent on a substance, your body starts to rely on that drug to function.

Psychological Dependence

When you are psychologically dependent on a substance, you may believe you need the drug to do certain things, like sleeping or socializing. 


Addiction is a condition involving compulsive substance use despite negative outcomes on one’s life and ability to function.

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