Does Microdosing Shrooms Do Anything?

Microdosing has become an increasingly popular way to use psychedelics.

People also experiment with microdosing shrooms, LSD, and other psychedelics in order to improve their mental health and overall life satisfaction.

Given the current base of knowledge we have about psychedelics, could microdosing shrooms, in particular, be an effective tool for self-discovery?

What Does It Mean To “Find Yourself”?

This term — or something similar, like “self-discovery” or self-knowledge — is often used when people talk about the benefits of psychedelics.

But what does it mean exactly? In a nutshell, finding yourself means better understanding of your identity or becoming more fully like yourself. 

This endeavor may involve one or more of the following aspects.

- Identifying your personality type - Observing your feelings - Understanding your core values - Gaining lessons from your past

How Microdosing Shrooms Can Aid Self-Awareness And Self-Actualization

There are several ways in which microdosing shrooms could help you find yourself.

Microdosing Shrooms And Self-Awareness

Many people who microdose shrooms find that doing so helps them become more attentive to their mental state. 

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