Ketamine And Seizures: Can One Lead To The Other?

Ketamine treatments are safe, but they do have risks. Some of these negative reactions can be very minor and are not so unpleasant that they turn people off the alternative therapy.

However, the scientific literature has revealed some more severe — albeit rare — adverse effects. One of these is seizures.

It’s worth noting, nonetheless, that many factors can lead to a seizure. Here we will take a look at the evidence on the link between ketamine and seizures.

Underlying Conditions Can Increase The Risk Of Seizures

Firstly, it’s important to underscore that certain underlying conditions can increase the risk of seizures.

Conditions and risk factors for seizures include the following:

– Brain injury – Congenital brain defects – Brain tumor – Epilepsy

While the risk of a seizure increases if these other risk factors for seizures are present, this isn’t always the case, it seems.

In Some Cases, The Psychedelic Controls Seizures

In fact, medical professionals have used the psychedelic in a hospital setting to control seizures in patients with status epilepticus (SE).

Street Drugs Can Increase The Risk Of Seizures

This is because, when buying from a dealer, one might buy another drug.

Drug Combinations And Seizures

Other risk factors for seizures include certain drugs.  – Specific pain relievers – Antidepressants – Smoking cessation drugs

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