Here's What Happens During A Ketamine Infusion

Prior to getting your first ketamine infusions, you will need some preparation.

The clinician administering ketamine therapy will likely outline all the steps you need to take to prepare you for your ketamine sessions.

However, it is worth highlighting these steps here, so that you understand the full picture of ketamine therapy.

Research Ketamine Therapy

Before your first ketamine infusion, you’ll want to read up on ketamine therapy as much as you can.

This should involve learning about:

- The complete process of ketamine therapy - All of the effects and possible side-effects of ketamine - Scientific research on ketamine therapy

Fast Before Receiving Ketamine Infusions

Ideally, you should avoid eating or drinking at least three hours before receiving any ketamine infusions.

This is because one of the side effects of these psychedelics is nausea and vomiting. Due to this side effect, you want your stomach to be completely empty before beginning ketamine therapy.

Avoid Using Certain Substances Before Ketamine Therapy

The risks of ketamine therapy can increase if you have other substances present in your system before treatment.

There are some substances you should avoid using before ketamine therapy. These include alcohol and caffeine.

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