Should You Buy Mike’s Mushroom Mix?

Mike’s Mushroom Mix is a combination of 10 functional mushrooms that will provide you with energy and vitality.

The extracts used in the mix are known to help with liver problems, inflammation, and immune system concerns, as well as promoting relaxation and a stress-free life.

What is Mike’s Mushroom Mix?

A signature blend of 10 of the most renowned functional mushrooms, this is the one that started the Spore brand. 

No. Spore Mushroom Mix is not made from psychedelic mushrooms. The mix is a blend of “functional mushrooms”.

Will Mike’s Mushroom Mix Get You High?

Is Mike’s Mushroom Mix Legal?

The fungi used in Mike’s Mix are all completely legal. Many have been in use around the world for hundred, or thousands, of years.

What is Chaga?

As with most of the mushrooms in Mike’s Mix, chaga has been “used for centuries to support longevity, immunity, and overall health.”

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