Should You Try MUD\WTR: rise Mushroom Coffee?

MUD\WTR is a functional mushroom-based coffee substitute.

It was designed to promote the same feeling of ritual associated with coffee, as well as it’s energy-enhancing benefits, without the jitters and crash that result from caffeine.

What is MUD\WTR: rise?

Shane, founder of MUD\WTR, created his unique brew to help break a damaging dependence on coffee while maintaining what he refers to as “ritual.”

The creators of MUD\WTR say that their mushrooms are magic, “but not that kind of magic”. Cordyceps and Reishi are highly-regarded energy-boosters.

Will MUD\WTR: rise Get Me High?

Is MUD\WTR: rise legal?

All MUD\WTR products are legal and USDA-certified organic.

What is Reishi?

Reishi is a mushroom that is first mentioned as being a source of potency almost 2000 years ago in ancient China.

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