Are Magic Mushroom Dispensaries Legal?

Psilocybin dispensaries already exist in Canada, despite the compound still being illegal.

These dispensaries sell microdoses of magic mushrooms online, and, while these operations aren’t legal, so far the authorities seem indifferent about them. 

Psilocybin dispensaries could soon become a reality in the United States as well, with these operations being completely legal.

If we see psychedelic therapy centers emerge first, followed by psilocybin dispensaries selling magic mushrooms for personal, non-medical use, will this affect psychedelic therapy in any way?

Psilocybin Dispensaries Could Encourage Self-Medicating With Psychedelics

The first thing to note is that psychedelic therapy is likely to be expensive. 

It is estimated that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), for instance, will cost around $15,000.

There will be a few preparatory sessions with a therapist, without the drug. Then there will usually be at least two guided sessions with the compound, with two therapists present.

And after this, a patient will have follow-up, non-drug sessions with a therapist. This is to help the patient integrate their experience and use it to the best of their advantage.

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