These are the Best Psychedelic Shows to Stream

There’s a variety of psychedelic documentaries and series out there that explore the wide world of psychedelics. Here are ten of the best — most of them available for streaming.


With narration by Emma Stone, this short documentary gives the viewer a brief history of psychedelics,

Psychedelic Documentaries For Beginners – The Mind Explained: “Psychedelics”


Combining stunning CGI, time-lapse photography, and world-class experts, this is one of the best psychedelic documentaries going.

For Nature Lovers – Fantastic Fungi


This psychedelic documentary tells the story of an unlikely pair who found themselves at the heart of 1960s psychedelic counterculture.

Psychedelic Documentaries For The History Buffs - The Sunshine Makers


This hour-long psychedelic documentary is an absorbing rundown of the history and therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Psychedelic Documentaries For The History Buffs - Psychedelia


This is one of those psychedelic documentaries that is not for the faint of heart. It gives a stirring and honest look at two veterans suffering from PTSD after returning from combat.

For Patriots – From Shock to Awe

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