Do You Need a Prescription for Psychedelics? 

Psychedelic drugs are among the most promising new treatments of intractable mental health conditions: depression, end-of-life anxiety, addiction.

They have also proven effective as therapeutic aids for milder mental health problems and even as tools for healthy people wishing to gain further insight into their own psyches.

Unfortunately, in the West, most of these drugs remain illegal. The United States has particularly stringent regulations on psychedelic drugs, with most being classified as Schedule I.

Interested Users Do Have Choices

Successful trials have facilitated greater acceptance of these therapies.

There are other options to be sure.

Several American “churches” have used religious freedom laws to ensure that their members can consume ayahuasca legally.

Those looking to use these substances for therapeutic purposes must educate themselves about the side effects of medical psychedelics.

A Safe Setting

Experts advise going to psychedelic seminars or meetups in your area. This will allow you to talk to people who are knowledgeable about the available arrangements. 

They can provide informed recommendations for underground sessions conducted by responsible guides in your city or direct you to reputable centers out of the country.

How To Take Control

Pursuing street drugs on your own is generally inadvisable. Substances such as MDMA are often adulterated with dangerous compounds. 

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