Here's Why Restorative Health is a Great Choice

In offering ketamine therapy, medical cannabis cards, and hormone therapy, Restorative Health in Sandy, Utah, is providing alternative treatments and relief for difficult to manage conditions.

The female-founded and run clinic treats both mental health complaints and chronic pain conditions with a variety of ketamine treatments.

Restorative Health is a female-founded and run clinic. Medical Director Rita Rutland, APRN, “grew up in Japan immersed in holistic medicine”.

Rita brings this holistic perspective to the clinic, and combines it with her 15 years experience as a nurse to provide patients with a personal and healing experience.

Offered Treatments

– IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy – Intramuscular Injections – Nasal Spray – Troche Therapy (oral lozenges)

Treated Conditions

– Addiction – Anxiety/Depression – Bi-Polar Disorder – Chronic Pain – Fibromyalgia

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