The Truth About Microdosing

The practice of “microdosing” is certainly a phenomenon that has caught attention in recent years. Entire microdosing clinics are opening under the nebulous “wellness” term.

On social media, a potpourri of enticing microdosing courses are available. These often comes with pricey memberships hovering around promises of “life improvement” and “mental sharpening”.

What Defines A Microdose?

Clinically, it’s anything from one-tenth to one-twentieth of a normal dose of psychedelics.

A tab of LSD is typically 100μg, or 100 micrograms. So, according to our microdosing formula, divide a single tab by at least 10 parts — or just 10μg.

When it comes to MDMA, a classic dose or tab is equal to about 120mg. That means a microdose should consist of no more than 12mg.

What Is The Five Dimensions of Altered Consciousness?

A scale psychologists use to scientifically analyze the qualitative properties of a psychedelic, doesn’t necessarily apply to microdosing.

How Does Microdosing Work?

The sub perceptual nature of microdosing allows a person to go about daily activities while getting the behavioral and mood benefits often associated with psychedelics.

The Neural Mechanisms Of Microdosing

Microdosing often comes with claims of noticeable mental health benefits from those that partake in the practice.

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