Do This Before You Start Every Ketamine Therapy

Before starting ketamine therapy, remember to do one thing: Do your research!

Ketamine has been around since 1962 — an analog of the drug phencyclidine (also known as PCP).

Three years later, Ketamine is now useful for a variety of psychological and behavioral conditions. These include trauma, anxiety, addiction and even existential distress.

How To Choose The Right Ketamine Clinic

What about the various practitioners? Health practitioners who offer ketamine may have very little explicit and in-depth training in mental health care.

Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners also prescribe and offer ketamine treatments with or without any psychotherapy before, during, or after ketamine dosing sessions.

Patients need to know the following:

– Their prescriber – The formula of the ketamine administration – Whether or not some kind of psychotherapy is part of the whole process

The Importance Of Research Before Starting Ketamine Therapy

From my experience as a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy practitioner, I have heard of various settings in which patients get ketamine treatment.

At-home, self-administration of sublingual lozenges. A health practitioner is present via teleconferencing (this was more common during the more intense phases of COVID-19).

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