Spravato, IV or Injection: Why Ketamine Therapy is Right For You?

When people talk about ketamine, they are speaking about the drug in a general way, as if there is only one type of ketamine.

But in actual fact, there are three types of ketamine: R,S-ketamine, S-ketamine, and R-ketamine. These three different versions of ketamine have varying applications.

To better understand this compound — and its uses in medical and therapeutic contexts — it will be helpful to elucidate these three types of ketamine.

Types Of Ketamine: R And S Ketamine

You can find ketamine as right- and left-handed mirror-image isomers known as R(+) and S(-) ketamine. These are enantiomer forms of ketamine.

Types Of Ketamine: R,S-Ketamine

This type of ketamine has the longest track record of medical use, with over 50 years of use for anesthesia and pain relief in medical settings.

Types Of Ketamine:  S-Ketamine

S-ketamine (esketamine), sold under the brand name Spravato, is the S-enantiomer of ketamine.

Types Of Ketamine:  R-Ketamine

Pre-clinical research and open-label trials indicate that R-ketamine may be superior to S-ketamine in the treatment of severe depression.

Many drugs, including ketamine, can be addictive due to them increasing dopamine levels in the brain.

Ketamine Has Addictive Properties

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