Is Field Trip Health the Best Clinic in NYC?

The Field Trip Health New York clinic offers low-dose ketamine therapy for a number of mood disorders.

Field Trip NYC also offers a wide variety of online resources for those seeking further information on psychedelic medicines and treatments.

The Field Trip Health New York team consists of a number of experts with specific training in psychedelic medicines and their integration into traditional psychiatric practices.

Medical Director Dr. Ben Medrano brings clinical practice influenced by eastern psychology, while psychotherapist Susan Brody has been interested in psychedelic medicines since “the glory days of the 1960s.”

Offered Treatments

NYC Field Trip aims to create a personalized treatment and recovery plan for each client.

– Psychiatric Consult – Therapist Meeting – Preparation

Treated Conditions

– Depression – Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Trauma – PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) – Substance Abuse

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