Here Where Ketamine Comes From

Whether you’re someone who works in medicine, someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, or are simply curious about psychedelics as an alternative treatment.

You’ve probably read articles about the benefits of ketamine therapy. Known as a dissociative anesthesia, the drug is gaining popularity for a variety of mental health issues.

What Is Ketamine?

This anesthetic medicine often gets a bad rap for its use on animals, namely horses and large cats like tigers.

However, it also has FDA approval for use in humans, either alone or in combination with other drugs.

Where Did The Drug Come From?

Ketamine originates from phencyclidine, an anesthetic with previous use on animals in a veterinary setting.

How Do You Make Ketamine?

Since ketamine is an abusable drug, it is difficult, if not near-impossible, to find step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

Modern-Day Uses For Ketamine

Ketamine on the battlefield during wartime as an anesthetic and hallucinogenic is common.

Throughout history, it’s been exponentially helpful in alleviating the mental, physical and emotional pain of soldiers with wartime injuries.

Comparing Ketamine To Antidepressants

Ketamine has uses with inflammation. As an immunomodulatory drug, it locally interferes with the determinants of primary immunity.

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