Is the Hummingbird Healing Center in Peru Trustworthy?

For over a decade, the Hummingbird Healing Center has been offering guests a supportive and safe ayahuasca retreat.

They understand how personal the journey can be, and how effective ayahuasca is in the battle against mental blocks or chronic illness.

They have retreats of different lengths to suit each guest’s personal preference and needs.

For those that wish to stay longer at the Hummingbird Healing Center, they also offer a special diet plan created by their shaman to help address other health issues and ailments.

The maestro that leads the retreats has over 43 years of experience, and the team at the center pride themselves on their idyllic environment.

Important Info

The retreat is held in a remote location not close to any stores. During your time at the center you should expect to stay here and be out of contact.

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