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Sugar Beach, Costa Rica
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The mission at Soltara Healing Center is to empower each guest to bridge the gap between mind, body, and spirit. This helps each visitor become more fully embodied, integrated, and connected versions of themselves.

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The Soltara Healing Center believes in expanding the definition of what healing looks like.

Working with the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca under the guidance of indigenous Peruvian Shipibo healers, the Soltara Healing Center collaborates with clinical psychologists, each of whom have extensive plant medicine experience.

“Soltara” comes from the Spanish verb “soltar” — meaning to let go or release.

Located at the seaside haven in the mountainous tropical forest of Costa Rica, the retreat lays a framework for you to dig deep, uncover the energetic roots of blockages, self-limiting beliefs, and negative programs that may be holding you back, and help you fully release them and step into your power.

The highly-skilled, gentle, loving Shipibo healers and facilitators at Soltara Healing Center will help guide a self-discovery process by using plant medicine healing, supportive holistic modalities, and modern psychotherapeutic practices.

In addition to the Center, a vibrant online community fosters open dialogue, personal connection, and high-quality resources to help you learn from each other and expand your knowledge base. The Soltara Healing Center aims to create a culture and community based on balanced, practical, accessible information grounded in a spirit of cultural awareness and education.

Psychedelic Treatments Offered

  • Ayahuasca

Important Information

  • Soltara Healing Center’s Sugar Beach location typically offers three retreats:
    • Five-Night Focused
      • 5 nights/6 days, with 3 ayahuasca ceremonies
      • Average price runs $3,850-$8,200 depending on lodging and the number of guests
    • Seven-Night Focused
      • 7 nights/8 days, with 4 ayahuasca ceremonies and an extra day of integration
      • Average price runs $4,350-$9,400 depending on lodging and the number of guests
    • Twelve-Night Focused
      • 12 nights/13 days, with 7 ayahuasca ceremonies and 3 extra days of integration
      • Average price runs $7,600-$16,400 depending on lodging and the number of guests

What’s Included in a Retreat

  • Ayahuasca ceremonies with highly-experienced Peruvian female & male Shipibo healers
  • Intimate group sizes (maximum capacity 15 – 18 guests) with individualized attention from healers during ceremony
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio with skilled facilitators who have combined decades of experience working in ceremony and helping guests through the healing process
  • One-on-one consultations with healers (and translator)
  • On-site integration workshops and sharing circles
  • Your own copy of Soltara’s integration book, The Hero’s Journal, which assists you as you begin your own Hero’s Journey
  • All meals in Soltara’s conscious kitchen, prepared fresh daily from locally-sourced and organic food in an ayahuasca-friendly manner
  • Transportation to and from a pick-up location near SJO airport
  • Yoga classes for all levels throughout your stay
  • Pranayama breathwork and meditation sessions
  • Floral baths with medicinal plants lovingly prepared by our healers
  • Nature immersion and multiple walking trails in one of the most abundant & biodiverse regions on the planet
  • Access to Soltara’s creative space for music, art, writing, and dance
  • Access to Soltara’s private on-site pool
  • Air-conditioning in all rooms (except for Eco-Tambo option)
  • Lifetime 10% discount for all return visits
  • Participation in Soltara’s premiere integration program and community with a highly qualified integration support team
  • Beach front access to Playa Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach)

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