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6547 North Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO, 80918
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At Ayahuasca Healings, there is only one goal: optimal healing for a better life. Using ayahuasca as a holistic method of healing, guests can experience a new awakening that helps them resolve former traumas and develop a new sense of hope when it comes to their healing journey.

Ayahuasca Healings offer a 9-day retreat in Peru that offers more than just a dose of the natural remedy. At their retreat, they also provide guests with a preparation course. This is to ensure the most optimal outcomes, as well as assist with after-care via its community.

For those looking to explore alternative medicines, microdosing psychedelics can be a viable option with great benefits. However, it’s important to avoid self-medicating these powerful healing drugs, as it does carry risk. For that reason, remember to consult medical professionals.

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