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La Sociedad Psicodélíca provides various types of psychedelic therapy to help people overcome chronic health issues. The collective relies on scientific research surrounding the neurological, spiritual, and emotional effects that psychedelic substances have on a person’s well-being. We are currently offering One day psilocybin retreats, weekend retreats and Introduction to Psychedelics. They work with Psilocybin, San Pedroayahuasca, and DMT. Principally in ceremonial settings with psychotherapists.

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The non-profit community that runs La Sociedad Psicodélíca aims to provide people with a safe environment to explore the use of psychedelics for their health. Each person on their team is passionate about altered states of consciousness and the clinical research that has helped push the use of psychedelics to the forefront of new-age treatments.

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Service 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
Location 5.0
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  • Carla
    October 14, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    Very good treatment here from the guys at La Sociedad Psicodelica.
    I trained with them to become a therapist and have enjoyed collaborating with them ever since.
    I recommend their introduction to Psychedelics Retreats, they are 4 days and cover psilocybin and San Pedro.

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