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Stigma. A word you hear a lot when it comes to psychedelic treatments. When you bring up words like “ketamine”, “psilocybin” or “LSD” you are usually met with skepticism. But these skeptics probably don’t know that ketamine was granted Breakthrough Therapy status by the FDA in 2018 and that the industry is undergoing the biggest turning point in its history. There are decades of cultural baggage ingrained in the way our society views these medicines…

Healing Maps is here to change that.

How? There is groundbreaking science and research happening in the psychedelic space. We are learning more about the potential benefits of these medicines every day and the findings look extremely promising. The new wave of research and clinical trials around everything from addiction to PTSD to anxiety and depression will radically change how we understand and treat mental health for the next century. Healing Maps will serve as a tool for all patients who can benefit from these emerging medical discoveries. 

Healing Maps will provide content and information to patients to educate them on the alternatives available to legally treat their ailments, find clinics that can offer those services and buy products that can assist them in their healing journey. Dive into Healing Maps to get educated and reach out if we can provide any additional assistance.

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