About Healing Maps

Stigma. A word you hear a lot when it comes to psychedelic treatments. When you bring up words like “ketamine”, “psilocybin” or “LSD” you are usually met with skepticism. But these skeptics probably don’t know that ketamine was granted Breakthrough Therapy status by the FDA in 2018 and that the industry is undergoing the biggest turning point in its history. There are decades of cultural baggage ingrained in the way our society views these medicines…

Healing Maps is here to change that.

How? HealingMaps was created as a source for individuals looking for accurate and honest information about psychedelic-assisted therapy (including integrative mental health, ketamine clinics across the United States as well as retreats globally) and qualified providers in their area. Inspired by the groundbreaking research and expanding access to treatment, HealingMaps is on a journey to become the world’s most informative and trusted psychedelic-therapy search site.

There are a wide range of ketamine clinics in the United States. Some offer only IV or IM infusions, or Spravato (the FDA-approved nasal form of ketamine.) While others offer full ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP.)

There are currently around 2,500 ketamine clinics in the United States. And only around 20% of ketamine clinics offer KAP. We expect this to change as the current regulatory framework evolves. KAP has been proven to make treatments last longer and be more effective. But it’s also much more expensive. So it’s important to know what kind of ketamine clinic you’re walking into.

We speak to a lot of ketamine clinicians who offer KAP and don’t offer KAP. They see non-KAP clinics as a stepping stone to clinics that do offer KAP. As people see the benefits of infusions, they tend to dive deeper into the therapeutic benefits of ketamine (if cost and insurance coverage don’t get in the way.)

HealingMaps will provide content and information to patients to educate them on the alternatives available to legally treat their ailments, find clinics that can offer those services and buy products that can assist them in their healing journey. Dive into HealingMaps to get educated and reach out if we can provide any additional assistance.

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