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The goal of the Lotus Vine Journeys retreat is to help guests experience the true healing powers of an ayahuasca ceremony in a safe and nurturing environment. They offer a 14-day retreat option that allows guests to participate in six separate ceremonies, as well as daily meditation, yoga, individual consultations with their Maestro, integration circles.

The team at Lotus Vine Journeys prides itself on their ability to give guests a memorable and life-changing experience by approaching healing with both love and dedication. They want each guest to experience spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical cleansing that is transformative.

With psychedelics for depression showing tremendous promise, more people are turning to these alternative methods for treatment. Even those worried about a bad trip on psychedelics can find solace in research showing these experiences may be beneficial. Under the right guidance and with the proper support, psychedelic drugs may be an option for you.

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