Introducing HealingChat: HealingMaps’ Ai Chatbot Connects Users to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Information

Introducing HealingChat: HealingMaps’ Ai Chatbot Connects Users to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Information

When we launched HealingMaps — an educational platform and directory service for the burgeoning psychedelic-assisted therapy industry — three years ago, we had no idea how fast the psychedelics industry would grow and evolve.

Ready to explore a new horizon in mental health? HealingChat, HealingMaps Ai chatbot that takes all our vetted content, clinics and retreats to answer all your questions in a safe environment. Try the beta version now!

As the awareness of the potential benefits of psychedelics expanded into the mainstream — initially through Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind and then through the thousands of articles and hours of media coverage — we had an interesting insight into the industry.

The HealingMaps brand speaks to the psychedelic-curious. Someone who’s likely grown up with a very negative view of psychedelics, but thanks to the clinical research and media coverage, has come to view them in a much more positive light. We had a unique understanding of this emerging industry.

When we first launched, the vast majority of people looking for these “alternative treatments” viewed them as a last resort. They had tried everything, and they were finally turning to psychedelics.

Fast forward three short years and the percentages have flipped. The majority of people are viewing these treatments (whether it’s ketamine therapy, a psilocybin retreat, Ibogaine center, TMS clinic…or maybe some helpful dosage information) as first options. While there is still stigma, there has been an exciting amount of destigmatization that has taken place in a very short amount of time.

And what was also fascinating was there was no one “type” of person looking for more information. They are urban and rural (from the middle of Idaho to downtown Manhattan), and come from a wide range of demographics and ages (yes, a lot of grandmothers are looking for a good psilocybin retreat.)

Which brings us here, and why we launched HealingChat – our new AI-powered chatbot.

Since our inception, we have published hundreds of articles and thousands of listings. And our consumers have a lot questions.

The psychedelic-assisted therapy industry is confusing. The two most common questions we get are: 1.) How much does this cost?
2.) Is it covered by insurance?

As you may already know, these are not one-size-fits-all answers. There are a hundred factors that go into answering each of those questions correctly for each person who is asking.

To help our users get to the information they’re looking for quicker and easier, we partnered with to bring this exciting AI chatbot to life.

We wanted to create a “walled garden” of our content. A place where consumers can ask questions in a safe space and interact with our content in a way that is more engaging, interactive and personalized than hunting around for an answer in an article. We really feel this is the future of information.

Our chatbot is always evolving and we will be continually updating and improving it.

For further details on HealingMaps and its pioneering HealingChat, visit This AI tool not only represents a leap forward in accessing psychedelic therapy information but also embodies HealingMaps’ ongoing commitment to innovating user experiences in this rapidly evolving field.

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