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Since 2008, the Ayahuasca Foundation has been providing guests the option to find new hope for relief from various health ailments or mental blocks. They strive to educate as many people as they can on the benefits of ayahuasca and other medicinal plant traditions. They aim to help build a future where modern technology can work alongside natural medicine to improve as many lives as possible.

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Currently in the works is an Ayahuasca Foundation Research Center. This will be dedicated solely to research and to study indigenous plant medicine traditions. The foundation strives to be more than just an ayahuasca retreat, and have plans to take part in research, nature preservation and sustainability, and medical advancement.

As psychedelic therapy becomes more mainstream and things like psychedelics for depression increase, so, too, will research. This will only help alternative drug treatments like ayahuasca be a more trusted option for healing.

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