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At the Gaia Tree Retreat Center, seclusion and serenity welcome guests searching for holistic healing from a variety of ailments. The center typically provides 7- or 10-day ayahuasca retreats. However, options also include a Macchu Picchu Medicine Journey or a Peru Odyssey retreat. Surrounded by 300 acres of the Amazon rainforest, the center prides itself on providing deep transformation and healing.

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The vision upheld at the Gaia Tree Retreat Center is one of exploration. The staff encourages guests to envelop themselves in the ancient plant medicines and healing provided by maestros. Retreats combine deep body-mind integration and indigenous traditional healing, creating a truly respectful environment.

Research surrounding ayahuasca has been gaining attention in recent years. In fact, the future of psychedelics looks promising due to the medicinal properties for things like mental health issues. This is why Gaia Tree’s team believes that ayahuasca retreats can provide authentic healing to guests from around the world.

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Important Info

  • Retreats start at just $990.
  • Gaia Tree has a land line for essential calls, otherwise there is no mobile phone reception this deep in the forest.
  • The retreat’s accommodations are large shared rooms only.
  • Gaita Tree strictly forbids the use of marijuana and all other drugs during the retreat. Anybody caught using drugs may be asked to leave.
  • There will be no more than 12 people in each group and there will always be 2 facilitators working with each group.

Contact Information

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