12 Things That Can Happen During An LSD Trip

The effects of LSD are many and varied. When taking LSD, the drug can lead to significant bodily, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive changes.

Before taking an LSD dosage, you should be aware of the most common effects to expect during your psychedelic journey.

By being aware of the effects of LSD, you will understand that everything you experience is normal, which should make you feel more at ease during the trip.

The Bodily Effects Of LSD

Your pupils will certainly appear larger than normal.

1. Pupil Dilation

2. Physical Energy And Stimulation

LSD is known to be a physically stimulating drug. When you take it, you should expect to experience an increase in energy and a desire to move around.

3. Loss Of Appetite

During the trip, you may not want to eat meals as you normally would, and there will probably be certain foods you have no interest in eating.

The Perceptual Effects Of LSD

- Color enhancement - Objects appearing more vivid - Objects morphing and “breathing”

4. Changes To Visual Perception

5. Changes To Auditory Perception

When hearing music, other people’s voices, or noises in the outside world, you may experience: - Reverberation - Echo effects - Changes in pitch

6. Changes To Time Perception

Many people will experience time dilation, where experiences seem to last much longer than usual. An hour can feel like several hours.

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