Does It Hurt? Here's What MDA Feels Like the Next Day

An MDMA hangover is familiar to many people who have taken the substance, although some seem to experience it worse than others.

The MDMA hangover, crash, or comedown is a constellation of negative states, which can be both physical and psychological in nature.

Whether discovering MDMA therapy, or using for recreational reasons, there is always the possibility of a crash when the experience is over or in the following days.

What Is The MDMA Hangover?

The MDMA hangover is, in a sense, the opposite of how you might feel during an MDMA experience.

This compound is known to make people feel heightened levels of joy, bliss, relaxation, empathy, closeness to others, and emotional openness. Fear and anxiety are also reduced.

What The MDMA Hangover Feels Like

The crash that MDMA users come to expect involves feeling low instead of high, unsociable instead of sociable, and tired instead of energetic.

Physical Symptoms Of An MDMA Hangover

In terms of physical effects, you may experience the following during an MDMA crash. – Fatigue – Nausea – Headache

Psychological Symptoms Of An MDMA Hangover

These effects can include the following. – Depressed mood – Anxiety – Paranoia – Irritability

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