This is What  Ketamine is Like

If you’ve never taken ketamine before, you may be wondering: “What does ketamine feel like?”

Before undergoing ketamine therapy, or taking the drug in any other context, it’s important to know what to expect from the experience.

This will ensure that you are as ready as you can be for ketamine’s subjective effects.

Ketamine Dosages

- Low dose of Ketamine: IV: 0.1-0.5 mg/kg Insufflation: 15-30 mg - Moderate dose of ketamine: IV: 0.5-1 mg/kg Insufflation: 30-75 mg - High dose of ketamine: IV: 1-2 mg/kg Insufflation: 75-200 mg

What Does Ketamine Feel Like In The Body?

When taking ketamine, you should also be prepared for some bodily changes. The physical side effects of ketamine are, for most people, manageable.

Low Dose Ketamine Experience

- Slight dilation of pupils - Mild stimulation or drowsiness - Slight increase in heart rate and blood pressure - A light body high

Medium Dose Ketamine Experience

- More dilated pupils - A further increase in heart rate and blood pressure - Stronger body high - Muscle weakness - Numbness - Slight nausea

High Dose Ketamine Experience

- Possibly more nausea - More numbness - Finding it difficult to talk - Loss of coordination

Perceptual Changes From Ketamine

Depending on the dose, these changes can range from alterations to what you can sense in your environment to hallucinations.

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