How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Last?

The duration of effects depends on a variety of factors. However, a magic mushroom trip will generally last between 4–6 hours. This duration is pretty consistent.

Indeed, in clinical trials involving psilocybin, it was demonstrated that most sessions will last six hours. After this time, the psychedelic effects will subside.

The Answer Often Depends On Dosage

Dosage is one of the key factors that can influence the duration of any psychedelic experience.

The dosage of dried magic mushrooms can range from a microdose (0.1–0.3g) to a heavy dose (5+g).

Why The Method Of Consumption Matters

When thinking about the question “How long do magic mushrooms last?” we also need to look at how you take the magic mushrooms.

For example, taking magic mushrooms in powder form can lead to a faster onset because it will take less time for the body to break down the material.

Consuming Magic Mushrooms On An Empty Stomach

Another factor that influences the duration of a magic mushroom trip is whether or not you’ve eaten recently.

If you eat magic mushrooms on a full stomach or soon after a heavy meal, then this will delay the onset of the experience.

Magic Mushrooms Combined With Cannabis

Cannabis can make the end of a magic mushroom journey more intense, as well as extend the duration of the experience.

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