Magic Mushroom Chocolates are Becoming a Thing

Not everyone likes the taste of shrooms, so adding them to chocolate can be an effective way to mask the taste. This also allows you to discreetly carry around shrooms with you.

This guide explains how to make mushroom chocolates, starting with how to obtain a batch of psilocybin mushrooms and then describing the process of adding them to chocolate.

Ingredients For Mushroom Chocolates

– Magic mushrooms – Store-bought chocolate – Glass bowl – Large saucepan – Sharp knife or spice/coffee grinder

Sourcing Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms remain illegal in many countries, so sourcing and possessing them does carry a potential legal risk.

Growing Them At Home from Mushroom Spores

If you intend to grow psilocybin mushrooms in secret to hide them from others, this may not bring peace of mind

Buying Them From A Dealer

A potential risk with this option, other than perhaps feeling uneasy about the transaction, is buying dried mushrooms that you are uncertain about.

Buying Shrooms On The Dark Web

Since darknet market vendors have reviews, you can get a better sense of who is trustworthy or not.

Picking Them

The benefit of picking mushrooms yourself is that it’s free, you get out into nature, and it means you can avoid cultivating them or buying them from a dealer or online vendor.

Determining Your Shrooms Dosage

When determining your dosage, you want to consider how potent you want each piece of chocolate to be.

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