How Much LSD Should You Take?

Figuring out the right LSD dosage for you can be difficult, especially if you’ve never taken the compound before and you aren’t familiar with its effects.

LSD dosage can range from microdosing LSD to a dose capable of inducing mystical experiences.

It’s important that you are aware of the dose beforehand, as tabs of LSD can vary significantly in how much of the compound they contain.

Variations In LSD Tabs

With a tab of LSD, there is no standard dose. To begin with, the strength of LSD tabs has varied throughout history.

Nowadays, LSD tabs can contain anywhere between 50-250mcg. That is a huge variation. A 50mcg LSD experience is nothing like one with 250mcg.

How Do You Know If The Advertised LSD Dosage Is Correct?

There are many challenges when it comes to knowing if your LSD tabs contain the dose that has been advertised to you.

Tiny Doses

Firstly, LSD dosages — regardless of the amount — are minuscule. A microgram is an extremely tiny unit of measurement.

Unequal Distribution Of LSD

LSD tabs come in blotted sheets, which are perforated into squares, and which can be divided for distribution.

 A chemist will dip these sheets into an LSD solution so that they soak up the substance. However, this process does not guarantee that the LSD will be evenly distributed on the sheet.

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