Understanding The Proper LSD Dosage For You

Understanding The Proper LSD Dosage For You

Figuring out the right LSD dosage for you can be difficult, especially if you’ve never taken the compound before and you aren’t familiar with its effects. LSD dosage can range from microdosing LSD to a dose capable of inducing mystical experiences. It’s important that you are aware of the dose beforehand, as tabs of LSD can vary significantly in how much of the compound they contain.

Once you have a reliable source of LSD, you can then decide what dose you want to take. This should be based on factors like your intentions, personal sensitivity to drugs, and the context in which you will have the experience.

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LSD Dosages

People will take LSD in doses ranging from just 5mcg (a microdose) to 400+mcg (a heavy dose). You should be aware of how much experiences can vary based on dosage. You certainly want to avoid being overwhelmed, as you may not be in a position to handle a strong trip. This might lead to an extremely distressing experience. On the other hand, you don’t want to prepare yourself for a big journey, only to be underwhelmed.

Here’s a quick LSD dosage guide breakdown before we dig in a little deeper into the effects across the range of dosages.

LSD Dosage in Micrograms (μg)Subjective Effects
20 microgramsThreshold effects: some slight euphoria and body high
30 microgramsThreshold effects: the same as 20 micrograms
40 microgramsFeeling the effects a little more. Typically no visuals, although some may experience slight visual effects
60 micrograms– Body high
– Lights are brighter
– Colors are slightly enhanced
– Some after images and trails
– Many compare the intensity to a gram of shrooms
90 micrograms– Bright colors
– Surfaces start to move, warp, or breathe
– Enhanced introspections
– A feeling of your thought speeding up
– Becoming more sensitive to everything
110 micrograms– Visuals become more pronounced
– “Ripples” overlay your field of vision
– You may see patterns from different cultures on walls, surfaces, faces, etc.
– Closed eye visuals (CEVs) are more apparent
150 microgramsThe effects are a lot like 100 micrograms but more intense and profound
200 micrograms– Beautiful, vivid colors everywhere
– CEVs are very apparent It may feel like your mind is racing
– The potential for life-changing, spiritual realizations
– This dose may feel overwhelming to beginners
250 micrograms– The peak can be very intense or even scary at times, but once the peak effects wear off, the trip can become more comfortable
– Very strong CEVs
300 micrograms– A lot like 250 micrograms but more intense
– This is a strong dose, but not quite a heavy one
400 micrograms– Synesthesia (this is when the senses become confused, so you might “hear colors” or “see sounds”)
– Strong time distortions or “moments of eternity”
– Body movement becomes difficult and disorienting
– Most people report this dose as life-changing, producing deep insights
– It’s recommended to have a sitter if using this dose to make sure you don’t do anything potentially hazardous
500 micrograms– Strong visuals and possibly hallucinations
– Objects morphing into other objects (with eyes both open and closed)
Ego dissolution
– Objects may start “talking to you”
– Paradoxical experiences (e.g. the sense that you are nothing and everything at the same time)
– Time becomes meaningless
– Some loss of reality
– Your vision is completely enveloped by fractal patterns. If you were to stare at the ground, it can look like you’re seeing to the end of eternity – miles and miles of visual depth
700 micrograms– Out-of-body experiences
– The feeling of gaining extra-sensory perceptions (e.g. telepathy with fellow trippers)
– Many people report visuals containing imagery from Indian, Aztec, Mayan, Native American, and African cultures
1,000 micrograms– You can’t see anything except visuals
– The loss of contact with the world, your body, and sense of self is strong, so it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re dying or that you’ve died
– You may have the sense of existing forever
– Most people will never dose this high and there often isn’t a need to, as insights, mystical states, and therapeutic benefits are possible on much lower doses
– Meeting entities
1,500 micrograms– The visuals are so engulfing that you won’t be able to see your own hand in front of your face
– Ego dissolution is certain
– A feeling of merging with the universe
– The loss of reality can be so strong that it defies description or explanation
– Some may report a feeling of “enlightenment”, but this can occur on lower doses too

Variations In LSD Tabs

With a tab of LSD, there is no standard dose. To begin with, the strength of LSD tabs has varied throughout history. In the 1960s, underground chemists were producing tabs that had 250mcg (micrograms) on each tab. That is a strong dose, capable of inducing a mystical experience.

Nowadays, LSD tabs can contain anywhere between 50-250mcg. That is a huge variation. A 50mcg LSD experience is nothing like one with 250mcg.

How Do You Know If The Advertised LSD Dosage Is Correct?

There are many challenges when it comes to knowing if your LSD tabs contain the dose that has been advertised to you.

Tiny Doses

Firstly, LSD dosages — regardless of the amount — are minuscule. A microgram is an extremely tiny unit of measurement. Other psychedelics are measured in terms of milligrams or grams. Because of this, it is much more likely for tabs to contain less or more than is advertised than with other psychedelics.

Having said that, if the chemist who made the LSD is skilled and has taken the proper steps and precautions, then you shouldn’t expect to see a massive variation in the intended dose for each tab.

Unequal Distribution Of LSD

LSD tabs come in blotted sheets, which are perforated into squares, and which can be divided for distribution. A chemist will dip these sheets into an LSD solution so that they soak up the substance. However, this process does not guarantee that the LSD will be evenly distributed on the sheet. This means that some tabs may be stronger or weaker than others.

But again, if the chemist is careful during this process, the tabs should be more or less the same potency. Since most people will not know the chemist who produces their LSD, it can be hard to know how skilled he or she is, and what the actual dosage of their LSD tabs is. Nonetheless, reliable LSD sellers tend to work with reliable chemists. By choosing a seller who you trust, who others trust and rate highly, you can be more confident about the LSD dosage.

The Same Blotter Does Not Necessarily Mean The Same LSD Dosage

Typically, blotter paper that is used for absorbing LSD has a particular design. These designs come in all varieties, featuring simple images or symbols, characters from TV shows or films, or psychedelic patterns. Often, different chemists will use the same designs for their batches of LSD. Nevertheless, the same design doesn’t mean the same LSD dosage. One batch could be twice as strong as another, regardless of the blotter paper design.

This is why it’s crucial to know the LSD dosage beforehand and not rely on the blotter design alone in making this judgment. Otherwise, you may be seriously underwhelmed or overwhelmed with the experience to follow.

Untrustworthy Sellers

If an LSD dealer or online vendor doesn’t know the chemist producing the LSD they’re selling, or they’re trying to advertise a higher dose than is the case for the sake of profit, then they’re not very trustworthy. Keep in mind, a seller can tell you whatever they want when it comes to LSD dosage. This is the problem with an unregulated market of psychedelics.

To minimize the risk of being advertised the wrong LSD dosage, you should only buy from someone you personally feel you can trust. You can judge this based on other people’s experiences and reviews (if purchasing from a Dark Web vendor).

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A microdose of LSD is 5-20mcg. With this dose, you might experience the following.

  • Increased positive mood
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Less mind wandering
  • Reduced depression and anxiety

You shouldn’t expect, however, to get any psychedelic effects from a microdose. A microdose does not cause significant alterations to your cognition, perceptions, mood, and emotions in the way that higher doses do. Microdoses of LSD should allow you to function as normal at work, in social interactions, and when engaging in any other activities.

Light Trip

For a light LSD trip, take between 25-75mcg. With this dose, you might experience the below.

  • A noticeable increase in positive mood
  • Anxiety
  • Introspection
  • Giddiness
  • Brighter colors
  • Objects appearing more vivid
  • Slight morphing of objects
  • Enhanced appreciation for nature, art, and music
  • Slight nausea

Medium Trip

For a medium-strength LSD experience, take between 75-150mcg. With this dose, you might experience the following.

  • Euphoria
  • Moments of anxiety, fear, or paranoia
  • Introspection
  • Fits of laughter
  • Having many thoughts at once or thinking more quickly than usual
  • Time distortion
  • Greatly enhanced colors
  • Objects noticeably morphing
  • Perceptions of geometric patterns with eyes open or closed
  • Nausea

Strong Trip

For a strong LSD trip, take 150-400mcg. Here, it should be emphasized that while 150mcg or more can be a strong trip, going beyond 250mcg is more likely to lead to a mystical experience. With this dose, you might experience the below side effects.

  • Strong feelings of bliss and ecstasy
  • Intense moments of anxiety, panic, dread, or paranoia
  • Distortions of time, even the dissolution of time or the feeling of eternity
  • Ego dissolution
  • A sense of the sacred, holy, or divine
  • The perception of vivid kaleidoscopes and fractal geometry with eyes open or closed
  • Perceptual and auditory hallucinations
  • Profound insights

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How To Decide What LSD Dosage Is Right For You

There are various factors you should consider when thinking about what dose of LSD to take.

Your Intentions

What you want to get out of the experience should influence the LSD dosage you decide to commit to. Let’s see how intentions often differ depending on the dosage.

  • Microdose. A microdose is the right LSD dosage for you if you are seeking to make improvements to your life and well-being without committing to a psychedelic experience.
  • Light LSD Experience. A light LSD dosage is right for you if you are looking to enhance an experience or if you want to test the waters before committing to a more intense experience.
  • Medium-Strength LSD Experience. A medium-strength LSD experience will suit those who want to experience more of what this compound can offer. This LSD dosage is appropriate if you are hoping to have an insightful and impactful experience, without reaching an intensity that might become overwhelming.
  • Strong LSD Experience. A strong or heavy LSD experience is only recommended if you are familiar with LSD or psychedelics already. Many people who take a strong dose of LSD might be the following.

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Sensitivity To Psychedelics

To understand the proper LSD dosage for you, you should remember that individuals differ in their sensitivity to psychedelics. Just as people can be more sensitive to alcohol, caffeine, or other drugs than others, the same applies to psychedelics. You might be (to use a phrase from psychology) a highly sensitive person (HSP). HSPs will experience certain things more intensely, and this may include psychedelics.

It is not unheard of for individuals in a group taking the same LSD dosage to have quite different experiences. Of course, there are many factors influencing these outcomes — including an individual’s mindset. However, sensitivity should be a consideration as well. You may get as far as you need to with a particular LSD dosage that may feel underwhelming to someone else.

The Setting

Often, the context in which you have an LSD experience should play a role in determining the proper LSD dosage. If you are taking LSD in a festival or party environment, it’s usually best to stick with lower doses. Taking a high dose of LSD in this context may lead to a destabilizing experience. You will likely have an easier experience with a higher dose in the comfort of your home or somewhere peaceful in nature.

Whether you decide to trip alone or with others can influence the suitable dosage as well. If you’ve never tried LSD before, then having a strong trip on your own may be difficult to handle. Tripping with others, especially those experienced with LSD, can make you feel more comfortable during the experience.

Also, you can plan to have a sober trip sitter or trained guide to be with you during the experience. This can be helpful during more intense LSD experiences where you might want support on hand if needed.

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Common FAQs Regarding LSD Dosage

How are LSD dosages typically expressed?

LSD dosages are expressed in micrograms (mcg or µg). A microdose of LSD is between 5 and 20mcg of LSD. A trip varies from 25-400mcg of LSD, depending on the potency you are aiming for and what your intentions are.

How does weight affect dosage of LSD?

The potency of an LSD trip is determined by how much LSD is ingested per of bodyweight. This means that if a person who weighs 70kg takes the same dose as a person who weighs 90kg, they will feel the effects more strongly.

If a 90kg person takes the same dose as a 70kg person, they will not have as strong a trip. For most people, 1-3mcg per kg of bodyweight is sufficient to feel a medium trip.

What is a good first dosage of LSD?

Some people are more sensitive to LSD than others, so it’s important to start on a low dose and see how you manage before trying stronger doses. Starting off with a light dose of 25-75mcg is best if you want to try LSD for the first time.

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