What Is A  K-Hole?

“What is a k-hole?” If someone has interest in psychedelics, specifically ketamine, this is a question that has probably come up.

The term became widespread among recreational users of ketamine to describe a state of extreme dissociation. In other words, a user loses their ability to speak or interact with the world around them.

What Is A K-Hole, Explained

Ketamine is a dissociative drug, originally used as an anesthetic. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular in the treatment of various mental health disorders.

What Does a K-Hole Feel Like?

Ketamine’s dissociative effects can become too much to handle. This may lead to reducing one’s ability to find orientation or keep any sense of control.

What Causes a K-Hole?

In the study, a group of scientists at University of Cambridge gave large doses of ketamine to sheep.

The study proposes that “this phenomenon is likely to explain the ‘k-hole’, a state of oblivion similar to a near death experience that is keenly sought by ketamine abusers.”

Can The Experience Be Used Therapeutically?

While this can be terrifying if experienced at a discotheque, it might have value under the right set and setting.

Still, ketamine therapy experts have not settled on whether the K-Hole should be sought after or avoided in ketamine therapy.

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