Should You Try Psychedelic Water? 

In the world of psychedelics, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca and ketamine often rule. But psychedelic water? Not so much. In fact, many people probably don’t know about this emerging product.

However, psychedelic water does exist. And we’re explaining what you need to know about it — as well as why it’s growing in popularity.

Psychedelic water® is the newest, most impressive, completely legal product that promises a psychedelic, mood-boosting experience.


Psychedelic water® consists of a few key ingredients that form a unique, mood enhancing blend, without the actual use of real hallucinogens.

Kava Root Extract

Scientifically known under the name of Piper methysticum, kava is a tropical shrub with beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and woody stems.

Damiana Leaf Extract

Also known as Turnera diffusa, damiana is a subtropical, low-growing plant with gorgeous flowers.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Coming from dried, green tea leaves, this amazing compound is rich in antioxidants and other fat-burning, weight loss helping, and detoxing chemicals.

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

Psychedelic water uses monk fruit as a sweetener. This is natural and sugar-free, meaning it doesn’t add calories or impact blood glucose levels.

How Does Psychedelic Water Make You Feel?

The unique blend of kava, damiana, and green tea create a mild, calming sensation. 

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