What Is Psychedelic Water, And Why Is It Growing In Popularity?

What Is Psychedelic Water, And Why Is It Growing In Popularity?

In the world of psychedelics, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca and ketamine often rule. But psychedelic water? Not so much. In fact, many people probably don’t know about this emerging product.

However, psychedelic water does exist. And we’re explaining what you need to know about it — as well as why it’s growing in popularity.

Psychedelic water® is the newest, most impressive, completely legal product that promises a psychedelic, mood-boosting experience. This herbal supplement comes from founder Keith Stein and CEO Pankaj Gogia. Both worked hard to develop a unique, psychoactive blend that can be calming, mood-enhancing, and delicious — while also being legal.

They hope to promote the use of psychedelics and help the efforts of decriminalization, ultimately seeing legalization of hallucinogens worldwide. They also hope that psychedelic water helps eliminate taboos or stigmas surrounding the use of psychedelics.

After the initial launch in February 2021, the Psychedelic water product sold over 250,000 cans. Since then, the brand has seen expansion into many major retail stores and online distributors.

Psychedelic water cans have appeared on Tik Tok, earning the moniker as “Influencer Juice”. Naturally, the hype has grown from there.

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Psychedelic water® consists of a few key ingredients that form a unique, mood enhancing blend, without the actual use of real hallucinogens. As Keith Stein said multiple times, “psychedelic is a state of mind.”

The ingredients of Psychedelic water® are as follows.

Kava Root Extract

Native to the South Pacific islands, this superfood is often a ceremonial drink to promote a state of relaxation. Scientifically known under the name of Piper methysticum, kava is a tropical shrub with beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and woody stems. Studies show its effects on reducing anxiety and pain sensations, as well as protecting neurons from damage. It may even reduce the risk of cancer.

Damiana Leaf Extract

Also known as Turnera diffusa, damiana is a subtropical, low-growing plant with gorgeous flowers. It resides in southern Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It’s most commonly known as an aphrodisiac, as well as a bladder tonic — which indigenous cultures have been using for ages. It also shows a positive impact on anxiety.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Coming from dried, green tea leaves, this amazing compound is rich in antioxidants (which help combat damage caused by free radicals) and other fat-burning, weight loss helping, and detoxing chemicals. Since it also contains caffeine, green tea leaf extract balances out kava.

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

Psychedelic water uses monk fruit as a sweetener. This is natural and sugar-free, meaning it doesn’t add calories or impact blood glucose levels.

Psychedelic water has light carbonation, and promises no feeling of jitters. Packing only 25 calories, it’s completely CBD and THC-free, vegan, non-alcoholic, and 100 percent natural. It currently comes in a variety of flavors: Hibiscus and Lime, Blackberry and Yuzu, and Orange Blossom and Oolong.

How Does Psychedelic Water Make You Feel?

The question on everyone’s minds is this: How does psychedelic water actually work without psychedelics? Since it doesn’t consist of hallucinogens — like psilocybin, LSD or MDMA — there’s no real psychedelic experience. However, psychedelic water does bring a similar feeling.

The unique blend of kava, damiana, and green tea create a mild, calming sensation. Together, these simply make a person feel good without any specific mental inhibition. Usually, after a few initial sips, people start to feel a tingling sensation on their tongue — this is the known effect of the kava root.

After 5-15 minutes, people report feeling their mood elevates, stress melts away, and feeling of happiness.

The Hype Behind Psychedelic Water

If there’s no real psychedelics inside, why is this psychedelic water causing such a hype? Although the key ingredients lack hallucinogens, what’s inside still seems to have a positive effect on anxiety and stress levels.

At this year’s Wonderland Miami Conference by Microdose, the world’s largest psychedelic medicine business event, Psychedelic water® was nominated for “Consumer Product of the Year”. While it didn’t win, the buzz at the event was noticeable.

With a number of speakers, participants, sponsors, and vendors in attendance from the psychedelics industry, each was eager to learn about the latest product. And as more states recognize the potential for psychedelic treatment, events like Wonderland are extremely important.

Whether psychedelic water only inhibits a placebo effect, or it’s an actual mood-boosting drink, many people are showing interest in it. After all, how you feel matters.

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